Why Learn Chinese Online?


It’s not safe outside these days. So you have to take care! As long as the coronavirus outbreak is still severe, it’s better to stay at home. But what if you are feeling bored and unproductive? Is there a way to continue learning Chinese? Or start to learn it when you have so much time! Don’t miss your chance and learn Chinese online.

What Online Mandarin Chinese course is the best to choose?

Take online Mandarin Chinese classes with That’s Mandarin! This course is the perfect option for students abroad who want to learn Chinese remotely, or for those don’t have the opportunity or time to come to the school. By having online classes with native, highly qualified Chinese teachers via our in-house learning platform & app, and you will ace the Chinese language in no time. All lessons can be personalized to help you meet your learning goals.

What Are the Benefits of Online Chinese course?

  1. Learn Anywhere, Anytime
  2. Full Support
  3. High Quality
  4. Live Interaction
  5. Professional Teachers

There’s another important thing worth repeating again and again:

That’s Mandarin uses its own in-house system for online classes!


What’s so great about this system?

  1. It’s super easy to use, so your class experience will be smooth and seamless
  2. Class content and teacher’s notes automatically get recorded into the system, so it’s easy to review your classes
  3. There’s a huge teaching resource database, so you can prepare for your future classes in advance

What’s the learning content of That’s Mandarin Online Chinese Course?

Language learning:

  • HSK Vocabulary
  • Daily Vocabulary
  • Useful Grammar
  • Set Phrases
  • Slang & Idioms

Real-life practice:

  • Focus on communication skills
  • Speaking practice
  • Using Chinese in real-life situations

Cultural elements:

  • Learning Chinese culture from different angles
  • Natural wonders
  • Famous sights
  • Festivals & traditions
  • Classic literature, opera & art

Heated discussions:

  • Discovering interesting topics together
  • Discussing global topics
  • Social phenomena
  • Different between the Western and Chinese cultures

What Are the Extra Benefits for Online Chinese Course?

Besides, there is an online course arrangement system that manages your booked classes – to guarantee that wherever you are, you and your teachers can stay informed about the class schedule and changes.

Teachers can also add their own courseware including webpages, power point presentations, videos, etc. into the system anytime.

Our professional IT team is online 24 hours a day, ready to solve any unexpected issues.

There is also another bonus for you: Free trial class.

How to Apply for That’s Mandarin Online Chinese Course?

Contact now to learn more:

Beijing – info@thatsmandarin.com
Shanghai – info.shanghai@thatsmandarin.com
Shenzhen – shenzhen@thatsmandarin.com

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