Why Foreigners Need to Learn Chinese?


People learn languages for different reasons. Some are simply interested in learning a second language. Others aim to have a solid knowledge of a certain language because that is what they need to better cope with their work. Are you also thinking about learning a foreign language? We are here to give you five reasons why foreigners need to learn Chinese.Work in China and learn Chinese

1. Work in China

As China’s economy is growing rapidly, more and more foreigners started to realize that China can be an excellent place for them to develop their careers. China has been striving to enhance international cooperation with different countries. Its “Belt and Road Initiative” strategy has allowed foreign entrepreneurs to get access to the Chinese market and created a large number of job opportunities in Eurasian countries. Therefore, knowing Chinese is definitely an advantage when it comes to job-hunting.

Travel around China with ease!

2. Travel around China

Many foreigners have to face with the language barrier when traveling around China. Generally speaking, Chinese people’s English level is relatively low. Most people in rural areas can’t even say a word of English. However, some of the most famous tourist sites are located in those secluded towns where Chinese culture and traditions are well preserved. Hence, it will be necessary to learn at least some Chinese if you would like to have an insight into the authentic Chinese culture.

Try the best of Chinese food.

3. Irresistible Chinese food

China is famous for its rich food culture. Unfortunately, there are some ingredients that don’t even have equivalent names in English. Therefore, a solid knowledge of Chinese is the prerequisite for a better understanding of the quintessence of Chinese cuisine.

Watch Chinese TV dramas.

4. Mesmerizing Chinese TV dramas

An effective way to know more about Chinese people’s daily life is to watch Chinese TV dramas. Because they are usually made based on specific problems that can be observed in contemporary Chinese society. However, you won’t be able find English subtitles for most of the Chinese TV programs. This means knowing Chinese is a must for people who would like to try watching Chinese TV dramas.

Why you need to learn Chinese? Marry Chinese!

5. Marry a Chinese

Marrying a Chinese has now become a trend among people from Southeast Asia and Eastern European countries. The reason behind it is quite obvious: people from these countries are looking for better job opportunities and consequently a higher life quality. Learning Chinese will definitely be helpful for establishing mutual understanding and will make communication much easier within a family.

Want to immerse yourself in Chinese Culture?

Read Chinese novels!

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