Top 5 Things Young Chinese People Like


China’s economy is growing rapidly and it offers numerous job opportunities to young people. However, as a result of the rapid economic growth, Chinese people are faced with big work pressure and often don’t have much time left for themselves apart from weekends. It’s interesting to know what young people in China like to do in their spare time. We’ll give the answer to this question in this article.

1. A joyful get-together in a restaurant

chinese friends

Chinese people love to have dinner with their friends on Friday evenings. Since food culture plays an important role in Chinese people’s daily life, a joyful get-together in a restaurant is considered to be a good way to relax after five days of hard work. In general, young people in China really like to spend time with their friends after work. Gossiping about some cheeky moments in your friend’s life while enjoy the infinite charm of Chinese cuisine is something that every Chinese would love to join in.

2. Let’s sing a song

Karaoke is extremely popular among young people in China. Everyone in China has their favorite songs and they would love to sing it in front of their friends. In China, it’s common for several people to rent a private room in a KTV (karaoke) club and stay there for 3-4 hours. It’s not only because you don’t need to pay much money for that, it’s more about having fun the way you want.

3. Go on a blind date

China has a problem with overpopulation and it has a negative impact on the country’s marriage rate. As the cost of living in China is getting higher and higher, many Chinese girls are expecting more from their partners. Blind dates arranged by parents have been prevailing in China for many years as they offer young people the opportunity to make new friends. More importantly, blind dates sometimes serve as a platform for people to meet their true love.

4. Browse WeChat moments

WeChat has become part of Chinese people’s daily life. It’s not only one of the most popular communication tools in China, you can also use WeChat to do many other things such as paying your electricity and water bills, purchasing movie tickets, etc. Nowadays young people in China often post photos and videos on WeChat to share some funny moments with their friends. That’s probably why browsing WeChat moments is something Chinese people have to do every day.

5. Watch Korean TV dramas

This is one of the favorite things that Chinese girls do in their spare time. Korean movie stars are extremely popular among Chinese girls due to their attractive appearance and sentimental personality. The “Korean way” of finding Mr. Right shown on TV is what every Chinese girl is longing for as it’s full of romantic elements.

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