Swear words are an inalienable part of any language. However, people from different cultural backgrounds have different understandings of to what extent swearing is acceptable. For instance, using some of the very mild words is condemned in some Asian countries. Want to find out more about how to swear in Chinese? Read this article.

How to Swear in Chinese? Is it acceptable?

Is it acceptable to swear in China?

In Chinese culture, a person is considered under-educated, or sometimes even barbaric if he or she often resorts to swearing when faced with problems or difficulties.

The core of how Chinese parents educate their kids can be described in one word – kindness. This is also an explicit reflection of filial piety. Whether it is acceptable to swear or not largely depends on the individual.

However, swearing has become part of people’s daily life in most countries. And China is no exception. Nowadays young people in China desperately need to find ways to release their negative emotions in that they face huge pressure at work.

The fact that many Chinese people have to constantly work overtime is wearing down their longing for a relaxing lifestyle. Some of them see swearing as a way to make themselves feel a bit better. Nevertheless, swearing in public places is considered indecent anywhere in China.

How to Swear in Chinese? Do Chinese people swear a lot?

Do Chinese people swear a lot?

The answer is no. Believe it or not, a stereotype about Chinese people is that they are shy and are often afraid of expressing their thoughts.

Even if we are talking about two Chinese people arguing with each other, neither of them would choose to make a vehement attack on the other person’s judgment or behavior using swear words. Therefore, you will hardly meet a Chinese guy who swears on a regular basis.

Generally speaking, people from the north of China tend to swear more often compared to southerners. So northerners are believed to be a bit more aggressive in terms of personality.

How to Swear in Chinese? Are there any swear words in Chinese?

Are there any swear words in Chinese?

There are swear words in every language. However, the number of swear words in Chinese is not as impressive as it is in some other languages. In addition, Chinese people have a different understanding of swearing. Just like what has been mentioned above.

What might be considered normal in some countries turns out to be quite strong in China.

Swear words are one of the most “fascinating” things that Chinese learners would like to explore. However, learning them is not the main purpose after all.

How to Swear in Chinese? Top 3 swear words in Chinese

Top 3 swear words in Chinese

Well, if you’re still interested in knowing the basic “non-strong” words that Chinese people say when they’re angry or encounter something unexpected, here are some of them:

  • (kào) = Damn it!

The pronunciation of this word sounds very similar to the English word “cow”. It’s a slang that young people in China often use when they feel surprised or puzzled.

  • 走开 (zǒukāi) = Go away.

Chinese people use this word whey they’re annoyed by someone they don’t like. However, you can also use it in a half-joking way. Use it when your friend said or did something that you think is unpleasant.

  • 去死  (qùsǐ) = Go to hell.

The literal translation of this word is actually “go die”. You’re not advised to say this word to strangers as it sounds a bit strong. You can use it when you totally disagree with something. Or you are mad at someone’s suggestion or advice.

Let’s have a look at one example to help you better understand this word:

Peter: 我可以和你的女朋友一起去看电影吗? = Can I go to watch a movie with your girlfriend?

           wǒ kě yǐ hé nǐ de nǚ péng yǒu yī qǐ qù kàn diàn yǐng ma?

Mike: 去死。= Go to hell.

            qù sǐ

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