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Studying Chinese isn’t just about learning the language itself, it’s also about acquiring knowledge of the Chinese culture as language and culture are inseparable from each other. Therefore, if you want to master Chinese, it’s very important for you to have an insight into the Chinese culture, and know more about Chinese people’s daily life and their mentality.

Summer Camp Chinese Class

Bearing this factor in mind, our Chinese Summer Camp at That’s Mandarin offers Chinese courses covering different class types and interesting topics closely related to Chinese people’s daily life. Chinese is indeed a difficult language, and if you think studying Chinese is a long and tough journey involving things like practicing characters one by one every day, I’m afraid you’re wrong, or at least this is not the case at That’s Mandarin. At our Summer Camp, Chinese is taught to students using our unique teaching methods such as Link Word and Story Telling. In addition, fun classroom activities and games like role play allow our students to practice Chinese in real life situations and make their Chinese learning more enjoyable.

Summer Camp Chinese Writing Class

You might want to ask what topics our teachers prepare for each class. Well, they’re topics from daily life including shopping, traveling, hanging out with friends, etc. Each topic contains commonly-used words and phrases which allows students to apply what they’ve learnt in practice right after class. That’s why our students are showing their enthusiasm in learning useful phrases and sentences to be ready to chat with their Chinese friends.

Different class types are designed to help our students stimulate their interest in the Chinese culture. For example, in a “Chinese character” class, the teacher (老师 lǎoshī) will explain the origin of a Chinese character and the logic linking the modern character and its pictogram. The pictogram is useful in that it reflects a certain aspect of the Chinese culture.

Practice Chinese at Summer Camp

There are also other types of class available including story class, reading class, video class, etc., which involve plenty of interaction between the students and their teacher. Our teachers aim to focus on each student’s individual performance and make them progress in a conducive and relaxing learning environment.


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