How to Say “Pumped (Excited)” in Chinese


How to Say "Pumped (Excited)" in Chinese

I’m so excited.

Roosters ( gong jī) are considered to be vigorous in Chinese culture. Therefore, this word is now used by many young people to describe someone is extremely excited. So, how to say “excited” in Chinese?

Say “excited” in Chinese: 打鸡血 (dǎ jī xuě) = pumped (excited)

 (dǎ) in this case means “to pump up”.
鸡血 (jī xuě) means “chicken blood”.

Put together, the phrase 鸡血 (dǎ jī xuě) is often used to describe a person who is pumped up about something.


How to Say "Pumped (Excited)" in Chinese

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