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Whether you’re a young adult or a student searching for your first apartment, or just a seasoned renter in need of a new place, looking for a new apartment can be an exciting yet very exhausting process.

So be prepared that renting an apartment in China is far different than anything you have experienced before. This guide will walk you through all the most main districts and average prices. As well as, how to sign a proper rental contract and resources to help you along the way. So, let’s get started!


Rent Apartment in Beijing

Traditional but vibrant, Beijing is a city that encapsulates the spirit of China perfectly with a slew of ancient places, temples, modern business districts, and hutong areas. Compared to other cities in China, apartments in Beijing are quite expensive. But don’t fret as Wellcee will guide you through the Beijing rental information here.

  • Districts: Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian.
  • Average prices per month: 3500 RMB/shared apartment, 6800 RMB/single apartment.


Rent Apartment in Shanghai

As one of the world’s largest cities, Shanghai can be an overwhelming place to figure out where to live. Some districts boast sprawling botanical gardens and green parks, while others are hotbeds of nightlife and culture. Apartments in Shanghai are quite

expensive compared to other cities in China as well and the average price is similar to Beijing. Here you can find the City Guide.

  • Districts: Puxi (Jing’An, Xuhui, Changning, Huangpu), Pudong, Hongkou, Putuo.
  • Average prices per month: 3500 RMB/shared apartment, 6800 RMB/single apartment.

Rent Apartment in Shenzhen

            Shenzhen is one of the most vibrant cities in China, a city that has embraced gleaming modernity which is still retaining lots of natural beauty and charm. Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, apartments in Shenzhen are relatively cheap. Here you can read the full version of the City Guide and how to find a neighborhood that’s best for you.

  • Districts: Nanshan, Futian, Baoan, Luohu.
  • Average prices per month: 2800 RMB/shared apartment, 5000 RMB/single apartment.


Hong Kong

            Hong Kong has long troubled individuals in terms of its high rental price and the limited housing size. They are significantly more expensive than the rest of Mainland China. But don’t fret as Wellcee will guide you through the Hong Kong rental information here.

  • Districts: Hong Kong island, Kowloon, New Territories.
  • Average prices per month: 7000 HKD/shared apartment, 10000 HKD/single apartment.


Rent Apartment in Guangzhou

Guangzhou (Canton), a city with many labels, such as “The city of cuisine” and “Garden City”, but no label will ever be able to justify the beauty of this metropolis. Compared to Beijing and Shanghai, apartments in Guangzhou are much cheaper. To make it easier for you to settle in and explore this city, Wellcee has prepared the City Guide where you can find many tips about renting an apartment in this city.

  • Districts: Tianhe, Yuexiu&Liwan, Haizhu, and Panyu.
  • Average prices per month: 2500 RMB/shared apartment, 4500 RMB/single apartment.


Rent Apartment in Hangzhou

Known to be the “Capital of Tea”, “Home of Silk”, Hangzhou is now home to some of the nation’s largest technology companies, even some of the world’s leading organizations like Alibaba. The renting price is much more cheaper compared to other

big cities in China. Here you can find a full article about “Hangzhou Renting Tips”.

  • Districts: Binjiang, Shangcheng, Xiacheng, Gongshu, Jianggang.
  • Average prices per month: 1500 RMB/shared apartment, 2500 RMB/single apartment.


Rent Apartment in Chengdu

Unlike Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen, renting apartment in Chengdu is far less stressful. You can find a place with a more reasonable price while ensuring enough space for a decent social life. To help you navigate through different areas with different qualities, Wellcee will provide you an intuitive area analysis in this guide.

  • Districts: Jingjiang, Wuhou, Qingyang, Chenghua.
  • Average prices per month: 1000 RMB/shared apartment, 2000 RMB/single apartment.



Having chosen the area and type of accommodation and budget the next step is to rent. Renting in China is slightly different from renting abroad and can be tricky for anyone unused to the process. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • If you utilized a housing agent for finding your suitable housing, please ensure that the individual is an actual agency. Moreover, please be aware that the commission for the agency is usually equivalent to a month of the rental price. If you do not want to incur extra fees, you can use reliable websites or platforms like Wellcee for housing searches.

Wellcee is a renting platform without any agents

  • An important part of renting is signing the contract, please look at the apartment in person before you sign and transfer money. It is very important that you are able to understand what you are signing. If you sign the contract on Wellcee the contract will be in English and any queries can be answered.
  • It’s common to pay a 1-month deposit and 3-months rent at a time. That means on move-in day, you might need to have four months of rent prepared to pay at once. But everything is negotiable, you can discuss it with the landlord and choose a convenient way for both of you.
  • When coming to the end of the contract be sure to get back your deposit, if you have any problems getting this done you may have to seek legal advice if you didn’t sign on Wellcee where your deposit is secured by the site.



No matter where you choose to live, your time in China will be marked by great food, fun, and be sure to immerse yourself in the exciting culture of this city. While it can be daunting to find an ideal apartment or find like-minded roommates, Wellcee is here to help you!

With Wellcee, we can help you find more than just a place to live, but a place to call home. Here we are building connections between different countries, where people learn new languages and cultures from each other, and most importantly, to make friends around the world.

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