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Each kid should be awarded the opportunity to come and learn about a different culture.”

In the past few years, there were groups of parents who wanted something different for their children. They wanted to deviate from the usual summer camps in their hometowns or countries. They were looking for new ways for their children to learn, have fun and spend a meaningful summer. Somehow they found their way to China. And this trend continues today.

Chinese summer camps in China are now the ultimate summer camp experience for children. Every year, children from all over the world come to Beijing and Shanghai to learn Mandarin Chinese and for some summer fun under the sun. Besides having the advantage of traveling to another country, a Chinese summer camp gives children the benefits of learning a new language that is increasingly becoming popular and useful.

At the Chinese Summer Camp organized by That’s Mandarin, comprehensive Chinese language lessons are taught by experienced native Chinese teachers, including reading, writing, listening and speaking. To promote a wholesome learning experience, the school also includes various Chinese traditional and modern cultural activities in its camp programs.

Students can learn about the Chinese culture firsthand by participating in fun games, sports, arts & crafts. Activities like pingpong, painting a Chinese opera mask and making Chinese dumplings are just some of the most popular activities. On some occasions, there is also a chance to try out a Chinese national hobby – singing karaoke.

Older children from 12 to 17 years old can also take advantage of That’s Mandarin Full Camp program which includes a 24/7 experience at the camp, living with other international students. This is a way for teens to exercise independence while being away from their parents but still under the supervision of our adult teachers.

In a bid to cater to all types of summer camp students, That’s Mandarin offers five types of camp programs and an option to tailor-make any program to fit students’ needs. If you’re interested in learning more about That’s Mandarin’s Chinese Summer Camp programs, go to or send an inquiry to

Alternatively, if summer is not the best time for you and your family, you can always consider joining the Chinese Winter Camp. For more information, go to

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