HSK Level Practice Tests: Downloads, Audio, PDF’s and Placement Tests

Which HSK Level To Take?

Normally if you don’t have a target, we suggest you aim to pass the HSK 4. HSK 1 and HSK 2 are for survival Chinese; HSK 3 and HSK 4 are for social Chinese about work, life and study; HSK 5 and HSK 6 are for Applied Chinese about news, movies, and work. Most Chinese universities and Chinese companies require the foreign students and foreign staff to get at least HSK 4.

You can easily download each test level so that you can practice at your own time. Each download will include a PDF file that you can print out and a listening MP3 audio file.


HSK Level 1 Practice Test

Students at this level have had little to no previous experience with Chinese. Level 1 will begin with essential survival Chinese, immediately applicable to daily life. After the first few classes, students should be able to put together basic sentences on topics such as food, transportation, and shopping. Students completing this level will have a vocabulary of approximately 150 words.

HSK1 pdf


HSK1-2 pdf


HSK1-3 pdf



HSK Level 2 Practice Test

Students at this level are able to talk about the basic daily life functions in Chinese. Level 2 will focus on sentence structure, retelling basic stories, and some simple grammar. Students who complete this level should be able to express themselves on a range of everyday topics, such as the weather, their family, and life in China. They should have a vocabulary of approximately 300 words.






HSK Level 3 Practice Test

Students at this level are able to confidently communicate with native speakers regarding all basic aspects of everyday life in Chinese and can do so with a minimal number of mistakes. Students will be able to express opinions on simple topics and explain the reasoning behind their opinions. At this stage, they should be able to use and understand approximately 600 words.







HSK Level 4 Practice Test

Students at this level should feel comfortable commenting on a wide range of subjects and issues related to life, study, and work, although they may still lack precise vocabulary in some specialized topics. They should be able to communicate with native Chinese speakers with ease, in daily life or while traveling. They should have a vocabulary of approximately 1200 words.







HSK Level 5 Practice Test

Students at this level are able to converse at relative fluency on a vast range of topics in their life and in their workplace. They will be able to use some idiomatic expressions in Chinese exchanges. They should be able to read simple passages in Chinese and understand the content of Chinese films and TV shows and to use and recognize a vocabulary of approximately 2500 words.







HSK Level 6 Practice Test

Students at this level will be able to talk about nearly any topic, particular areas of their specialization, with only minor mistakes or confusion.  They should have strong conversational skills and be able to understand a large portion of the language used in Chinese news, films and TV shows. They should have mastered a vocabulary of approximately 5000 words.






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