How to Easily Find a Job in China

How to Easily Find a Job in China

China’s economy has been growing rapidly in recent years and more and more foreigners set their eyes on China. China has become a popular destination thanks to its magnificent natural scenery and huge success in economic development. The Chinese job market certainly benefits from China’s economic growth and consequently creates more job opportunities for both the local people and foreigners.

Attracting foreigners to come to China to seek career opportunities is one of the priorities to enable China to integrate into the world economy, and many foreigners show their willingness to make contributions to China’s economy. It now all comes down to one question: How to find a job in China?
In China, despite the fact that competition on the job market is tough, a recommendation from a friend still means more than interview results in both government and private sectors. The reason why it remains employers’ favorite way to hire people is that it allows the employer and the employee to quickly build up trust between each other. However, being a foreigner, you might not be able to enjoy this benefit as you still need time to grow your social network. Therefore, we’d like to offer you some tips on how to get information about job vacancies and find a job in China.
1. Job Search Engine
In most countries, one of the most efficient ways to get information about job vacancies is to search on the internet or use special job apps, China is of course not an exceptional case here. We would recommend the following two search engines to foreigners who are looking for a job in China:
eChinacities is the most popular job-hunting website used by foreigners in China. It offers prompt information about job vacancies open to foreigners in major cities across China on a daily basis. The job positions posted on this website cover almost all categories ranging from IT and management to marketing and English teaching. In addition, eChinacities publishes articles related to the Chinese culture and Chinese people’s daily life, as well as city guides for those who would like to travel around China. Go to Echinacities.
MyJobtube has its own WeChat account and all you need to do is follow its moments. As long as you have your mobile phone with you, you will be able to check all kinds of job vacancies including internships posted by MyJobtube for non-Chinese applicants in China. Similar to eChinacities, MyJobtube publishes economy-related articles on a regular basis, which provide information such as work permits for foreigners, visa policy update, and economic issues faced by China.

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2. Learn Chinese and the Chinese Culture
If you want to find a job in China, knowing Chinese is definitely a plus. There are several reasons for that. First of all, although most young people in China more or less speak some English, the language barrier is still a big problem for foreigners when they try to talk to their Chinese friends or colleagues in English. Therefore, knowing Chinese would help you communicate with your colleagues at work and consequently improve your work efficiency. Second, living in China means you’re facing a complete different culture. Being familiar with the Chinese culture and Chinese people’s lifestyle will certainly put you in a better position in terms of dealing with interpersonal relationship. Third, holding an HSK (Chinese language proficiency test) certificate is an advantage when applying for a work visa in China.

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3 Find Yourself an Internship
The Chinese job market is facing a shortage of interns at the moment, and there are many internship positions in different fields open to foreigners. An internship in a reliable Chinese company can help you gain work experience and may serve as a transition to a full-time position. Moreover, it’s a good chance for you to have an insight into the corporate culture of a Chinese company. In China, an internship usually lasts for three months and there are headhunting agencies available in most major cities to help foreigners look for an internship.
4 Socializing
As mentioned above, social network plays an important role in building up your career in China. Therefore, it’d be helpful to attend networking events organized by expats and organizations supporting foreigners who live in China. As your social network grows, you will have more chances to get into contact with people from different business backgrounds and it will offer you more options for your career development in the future.

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