Christmas has somehow been adopted as a non-official festival in China even though there is no official religion here. There is no public holiday on this day, but when you go to the big cities like Shanghai or Beijing, you will find some western Christmas-y influences at hotels or shopping malls. Decorations are hung, Christmas trees are put up, and colourful lights are lit up. Some shops and restaurants offer special Christmas deals.


As China’s economy is growing rapidly, shopping has become a national hobby. Unlike most of the European countries, shops are opened until 10pm on the eve and on the day of Christmas in China. People enjoy purchasing greeting cards and gifts to exchange them with their friends and family members.They believe doing so can strengthen their relationships with the people around them. Besides, there are so many Christmas sales going on that it’s hard to just stay home and save their money.

Christmas Shopping In Shanghai


KTV refers to karaoke box, which normally consists of private rooms with couches and karaoke equipment. Karaoke, as a form of interactive musical entertainment, is perfect for celebrating this joyous occasion (or any other Chinese occasions). KTV allows you to choose and sing your favorite songs in a relaxing atmosphere. In addition, you can also eat, drink and play games in the KTV room. It’s an all-in-one package that has become very popular among East Asians. It’s also a good way for people to vent out their emotions and releasing themselves of high work pressure.

KTV For Christmas Fun In Shanghai

Dining Out

Chinese people consider dining together at a cozy restaurant as a way of bonding with their friends and families. As a matter of fact, spending Christmas at a western-style restaurant has become something of a tradition in China among young people who are enchanted by western culture. During this festive time, there is an increasing number of restaurants that offer good Christmas set meals to draw in the crowd.

Dining Out In Shanghai at Christmas