Christmas Drinks in China | Starbucks and Costa


Less than a month is left until Christmas Day. And some Western coffee shops in China are ready to make us happy with their special drinks!

So today, we’re going to discover what Christmas drinks in China Starbucks and Costa Coffee offer during winter time. No doubt that baristas know the names of all the drinks in English, but we are interested in practicing our Chinese being in this county, right?

So, let’s learn how to order them!


Christmas Keywords

First off, let’s start with some keywords:

圣诞节 shèngdànjié 🎄 Christmas

拿铁 nátiě ☕ latte

风味 fēngwèi 😛 flavor


Christmas Drinks at Starbucks

Starbucks in Chinese is 星巴克 🔸 xīngbākè. If you come here to get some holiday mood, you can order one of these latte drinks:

Christmas Drinks in China | Starbucks


1. 太妃榛果风味糖脆拿铁 Tàifēi Zhēnguǒ Fēngwèi Táng Cuì Nátiě

太妃 tàifēi comes from 太妃糖 tàifēitáng, “toffee”;

榛果 zhēnguǒ stands for “hazelnut”;

 cuì means “crispy”.

So, 太妃榛果风味糖脆拿铁 Tàifēi Zhēnguǒ Fēngwèi Táng Cuì Nátiě literally means “toffee hazelnut flavor crispy latte”, which was trandlated in English like “Toffee Nut Flavored Crunch Latte” ✨

Christmas Drinks in China | Starbucks Toffee Nut Flavored Crunch Latte


2. 圣诞甜点风味拿铁 Shèngdàn Tiándiǎn Fēngwèi Nátiě

圣诞 shèngdàn comes from 圣诞节 shèngdànjié (Christmas, remember?)

甜点 tiándiǎn is “dessert” 🍰

Let’s try to put the pieces together:

圣诞甜点风味拿铁 Shèngdàn Tiándiǎn Fēngwèi Nátiě becomes “Christmas-dessert-flavor-latte” or “Christmas Dessert Flavored Latte” (:

Christmas Drinks in China | Starbucks Christmas Dessert Flavored Latte


3. 冰雪芝士风味拿铁 Bīngxuě Zhīshì Fēngwèi Nátiě

冰雪 ◾ bīngxuě means “ice and snow” (look at the picture of this drink and you’ll understand why it was called this way)

芝士 ◾ zhīshì is cheese!

Well, what do we have now?

冰雪芝士风味拿铁 Bīngxuě Zhīshì Fēngwèi Nátiě: “Ice and snow + cheese + flavor + latte” make “Snowy Cheese Flavored Latte” ✨

Christmas Drinks in China | Starbucks Snowy Cheese Flavored Latte


Christmas Drinks at Costa Coffee

Costa in China doesn’t have a Chinese name, so you can recognize it with ease.

So what does this coffeeshop offer in their Christmas menu?

Christmas Drinks in China | Costa Coffee


4. 布蕾焦糖拿铁 Bùlěi Jiāotáng Nátiě

焦糖 jiāotáng means “caramel”;

布蕾 bùlěi is transliteration of “brulee”;

So 布蕾焦糖拿铁 Bùlěi Jiāotáng Nátiě becomes “Crème Brulee Latte” ✨

Christmas Drinks in China | Costa Coffee Crème Brulee Latte


5. 圣诞缤纷莓果拿铁 Shèngdàn Bīnfēn Méiguǒ Nátiě

As in the second drink in out list, the first two characters here mean “Christmas” – 圣诞节 🎄

Then we have 缤纷 bīnfēn – colorful (look at the picture, there are different berries on the top)

莓果 méiguǒ – berries 🍓 (it’s a general name for berries)

圣诞缤纷莓果拿铁 Shèngdàn Bīnfēn Méiguǒ Nátiě: “Christmas + colorful + berries + latte” = “Christmas Berry Latte” ✨

Christmas Drinks in China | Costa Coffee Christmas Berries Latte


6. 焙烤榛果摩卡 B èikǎo Zhēnguǒ Mókǎ

The last drink is different from the others, because it’s 摩卡 mókǎ!

Or cafe mocha in English – a coffee drink based on espresso, milk and chocolate 🍫

It’s yummy on its own, but what about the “Christmas” variation? It contains praline – an ingredient of the dessert made of nuts and sugar 😻

焙烤 bèikǎo – to “bake” or to “roast”

榛果 zhēnguǒ – hazelnut, as in the first drink

All this makes 焙烤榛果摩卡 Bèikǎo Zhēnguǒ Mókǎ, or “Hazelnut Praline Mocha” in English ✨

Christmas Drinks in China | Costa Coffee Hazelnut Praline Mocha

That’s all so far!

Let us know on our twitter or instagram which of these drinks you would like to try or have already tried!

Or maybe some of them are available in your country as well?

Christmas Drinks in China | Latte in Starbucks


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