How to Choose a Chinese Language Course in China


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It’s quite a big and daunting task to go to a new place to live, especially if it’s far away from your hometown. And when the decision could potentially cost a lot of money, the pressure increases. So how do you make your decision?

1. Choose the city

In a vast country like China, you have endless options. Decide if you want to live in a modern metropolitan 1st-tier city, like Shanghai or Beijing, or a small, 3rd-tier town with fewer foreigners.
Pros of choosing a modern metropolitan city:
Live comfortably almost as you would in your home country with access to imported food from anywhere in the world. There are plenty of activities to choose from like dining out at a Spanish restaurant, enjoying a glass of French wine, or attending a beer festival with good music on a beach.

Pros of choosing a small town:
A less-developed town usually has less foreigners and less English-speaking locals. This would force you to learn and use Mandarin as much as you can. You can make friends with the locals and learn their culture more intimately by dining at their homes, getting invited to a Chinese family outing, etc. The locals from small towns also tend to be more friendly even though they don’t speak much English. They tend to be very curious about foreigners and would want to talk to you and ask you loads of questions.

2. Choose the school

How’s the school reputation online? Check all sources to read reviews on particular schools. Check their Google or Facebook reviews.
How are the school’s facilities? Some schools provide only the bare minimums: a classroom with a table and chairs with no learning aids such as a computer or an online learning platform. Some schools hold their lessons in an old, dingy classrooms with torn paint or muddy walls.

Thats Mandarin Lounge

Some schools use the traditional teaching method, i.e. with a textbook and going through all the standard topics. You will be required to read/memorize passages and words in the old-fashioned way. Other school, like That’s Mandarin, teaches using an innovative method such as Link Word and with an online teaching aid. You learn only what interests you and other essential Mandarin.


3. Choose the course

How much time do you have in China? If you have only a short period of time and want to learn as much as possible, take a 1-on-1 intensive course where you can set the pace yourself. Take group classes if you want to meet other students and learn together. And if you have more time to spend and you’re in China for other purposes, you can take part-time courses (group classes or 1-on-1).
A Chinese school like That’s Mandarin offers a lot of flexibility in its types of courses. Depending on your budget, time and interests, there is a course that can be perfectly tailor-made for your goals / needs. Their course consultant can help you to make that choice. Just contact them and they will get back to you with a quotation in no time, no strings attached.


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