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Chinese people clearly understand the importance of education. Therefore, how to educate children has always been a topic which leads to heated discussions. However, Chinese parents’ attitude towards their kids is quite different from the western stereotype. In this article we’re going to find out how parents in China deal with their kids in terms of education and daily life. Let’s have a look at Chinese style of parenting.

1. “Little King”

spoilt chinese kids

Almost all the kids in China share the same nickname “Little King”, which means they are spoiled by their parents. As a matter of fact, the young generation has always been considered “the future of China”, and that’s why Chinese parents are willing to sacrifice anything to satisfy their kids’ needs, even if they’re aware of the fact that it’s not good for their kids. Consequently, many kids in China are often faced with psychological problems after they grow up as they don’t understand that they can’t always get whatever they want.

2. Study hard

tiger mom

This may sound like a paradox, but while kids in China are being overprotected by their parents, they’re still expected to perform very well at school. Chinese parents have realized the importance of education and they’re ready to spend fortunes of money on educating their kids. It’s common to see parents in China taking their kids to different tutorial groups on weekends. “Versatility” plays a tremendous role in Chinese parents’ attitude towards education, their kids are supposed to be good at all the school subjects and also some other activities such as calligraphy and dancing.

3. Study abroad

More and more people in China have started to become rich thanks to China’s rapid economic growth. Consequently, people are seeking opportunities to send their kids abroad to pursue higher education as they believe it’s very hard to get into a good university in China due to the fact that there is a large number of students taking the college entrance examination every year. In addition, graduating from an overseas university is definitely a plus when it comes to job-hunting.

4. Dad or mum?

In a traditional Chinese family, the husband only focuses on his work. Whereas the wife is in charge of the housework and their kid’s education. If a kid has problems with his or her performance at school, their teacher would contact their mother first. Just to let her know about it. In the Chinese culture, women are considered more capable than men in terms of dealing with children. It’s because that in general, they’re more sensitive to a child’s needs.

5. Interference

Chinese parents tend to interfere in their kids’ personal life, especially when it comes to love relationships. In general, teachers and parents in China don’t encourage teenagers to fall in love as it’ll have a negative impact on their study. Moreover, Chinese parents pay great attention to what kind of friends their kids make.

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