Bizarre Food Event

Every month at That’s Mandarin we organize a few cultural activities and events for our students and their friends. Everyone who is interested in learning about the Chinese culture or just wants to have fun is welcome to our events. This month, one of the events was the Bizarre Food Event, where we brought multiple dishes that were common to the locals, but might be peculiar to non-Chinese. In fact, some of the dishes were considered a delicacy in China. Let’s take a look at the event recap and meet the brave souls who came to our Bizarre Food Tasting!

We presented participants with multiple dishes and they picked their favourites and their dislikes. They came, they tasted, they survived!


The Verdict

I can have this again

– The Tortoise Herb Jelly 龟苓膏

– Cold tea 凉茶

Um… I’m not sure about this, but this is kinda nice

– silkworms 蚕蛹


– Pig’s blood cubes


“Do I really have to eat this?”


“Not bad. Our first worms ever.”


“Helloooo, call me cray cray for doing this”


When the food tasting was done, the group did a trivia while their bellies rested from all that weird food. It was all in all a good evening. Another task successfully completed by the group. Well done, guys!

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