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2019 is here! Time flies, doesn’t it? Last year was full of good and bad news. How many of them do we still remember? The internet brought us lots of funny stuff to laugh at. What is more, there’re lots of internet slang was born, spread and used by all of us! Chinese internet community...
It’s time for the second part of “Top Chinese Dating Apps”! Last time there were two most popular dating apps and today we have two more to introduce. But they are not typical dating apps, like Tinder, they have some REALLY specific features. Let’s have a look at them. 1. 请吃饭 “Let’s have a meal”...
It’s so much easier to learn Chinese if you have Chinese friends! It’s always fun to explore another culture by chatting with native speakers. So today, we’re going to help you find Chinese friends online. It’s Top Chinese Dating Apps.    1. 陌陌 Using Momo, you can meet new people in your city or area....
Traditionally a blooming cherry trie or Sakura (樱花 🌸 yīnghuā) is a symbol of Japan, but if you are travelling around China or live here, you can enjoy it not leaving 中国 ♦ zhōngguó! In today’s post, we will share top 3 places where you can find cherry blossom in Shanghai and take amazing pictures...
Do you like music? What are your favorite bands? Some people say, a sure way to know more about country and its culture is through music! And we are not talking about old folk songs you might’ve imagined by now – but about some modern, popular rock-bands! Chinese themselves think of them as “best of...
As shopping plays such an important role in Chinese people’s daily lives, it’s not surprising that there are several ways to say “shopping” in Chinese. In this article, we take a look at 4 most popular Chinese words and phrases related to shopping!   Chinese Shoppers These days, tourists from China can be seen everywhere...
Are a you a horror movie fan? Have you watched the movies we recommended last week yet? Because this week, let’s look at Top Chinese Horror Movies, part two! 1.诡丝 / Guǐsī (2006) 诡丝 (Guǐ sī) exactly means “strange string” and was translated as “silk”. The string that plays an important role in this movie...
Do you like horror movies? Halloween is still far away, but who says we must have a proper occasion just to feel creeps from a good horror story! Today, we are going to look at 3 Modern Chinese horror movies you can enjoy in the late evening with the curtains closed 😉 1. 僵尸 /...
Last week, we looked at a few Modern Social Groups in China. Today, let’s have a look at five more!   H族 The name H族 (zú), or “H family” refers to the free, unrestrained, comfortable and healthy lifestyle of the H-generation. This lifestyle appeared in 2012, and has now has become a new fashion. The...

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