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In the Chinese language, there is a group of Chinese characters that consist of three identical parts, each of which represents another individual character. This characters structure is called 品字结构 (pǐnzì jiégòu). In general, these characters are rarely used in Chinese people’s daily life as most of them can be only seen in ancient Chinese...
♦ Please, wait until the page is fully loaded, then it will be clickable.   You can learn more about HSK exam by reading our post “Is the HSK exam right for you?”. Did you like these two short quizzes?  Share your thoughts in comments – or tweet us at @thatsmandarin!
There’re so many types of face shapes! Round, square, oval, diamond, heart… Today, let’s look at the names of 7 most common face shapes in Chinese.   1. 蛋型脸 (Dànxíng Liǎn), or Egg-shaped Face Egg-shaped pace is also known as 瓜子脸 (guāzǐliǎn), or oval-shaped face, where 瓜子 (guāzǐ) means “melon seeds”.  It’s viewed to be...
It’s time for the next part of “Chinese Characters in Marvel Comics”! Get ready!   Jade Dragon Jade Dragon hails from China and is a mutant who can become a flying, fire-breathing dragon.   Real name: Dei Guan Gender: Male First Appearance: Alpha Flight #59 (June, 1988) Origin Dei Guan is an orphan, the only child...
It’s time for the next part of “Chinese Characters in Marvel Comics”! Let’s see who is on our today’s agenda!   Thunderer The immortal teacher of the legacy of Iron Fist.   Real name: Lei-Kung Gender: Male First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #16 (July, 1974) Origin Lei-Kung was the immortal martial arts master of K’un-Lun. K’un-Lun’s most valued and...
It’s time for the second part of “Chinese Internet Slang 2018”, a blog series in which we talk about slang words and phrases that were popular on the Chinese Internet in 2018. We’ve prepared 5 more phrases for you today! 1. 官宣 (Guānxuān) 官宣 (guānxuān) means “official announcement”. This word became popular among netizens in...
2019 is here! Time flies, doesn’t it? Last year was full of good and bad news. How many of them do we still remember? The internet brought us lots of funny stuff to laugh at. What is more, there’re lots of internet slang was born, spread and used by all of us! Chinese internet community...
It’s time for the second part of “Top Chinese Dating Apps”! Last time there were two most popular dating apps and today we have two more to introduce. But they are not typical dating apps, like Tinder, they have some REALLY specific features. Let’s have a look at them. 1. 请吃饭 “Let’s have a meal”...
It’s so much easier to learn Chinese if you have Chinese friends! It’s always fun to explore another culture by chatting with native speakers. So today, we’re going to help you find Chinese friends online. It’s Top Chinese Dating Apps.    1. 陌陌 Using Momo, you can meet new people in your city or area....
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